Stake Together is an innovative Ethereum Liquid Staking protocol, integrating SSV.Network's advanced DVT validator technology. This protocol is designed with a special focus on supporting a variety of participants in the Ethereum ecosystem, including projects, communities, content creators, and DAOs.

Functioning as a bridge between staking Ethereum and supporting valuable initiatives, Stake Together allows users to stake their ETH in specific pools.

By participating, users not only earn staking rewards, but also have the unique opportunity to delegate a portion of the fees generated to the pool of their choice, directly benefiting the projects or entities they choose to support.

Stake Together's business model creates an ecosystem of mutual benefits for everyone involved:

  • Staker: Receive rewards for staking your ETH.

  • Project: Benefits from receiving a delegation of fees, offering a new model of financial support.

  • Operator: Receives compensation for providing the essential infrastructure for the protocol to function.

  • Stake Together: Obtains revenue for the service provided, sustaining and expanding its operations.

Furthermore, with each accumulation of 32 ETH in a pool, a new validator is created on the Ethereum network, contributing to the decentralization and security of the network.

When depositing ETH to Stake Together, users receive stpETH, a representative token that reflects their participation in the pool. This token is dynamic, accumulating periodic rewards from Ethereum staking, offering a transparent and efficient representation of the stake held.

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