Objectives and Differentiators

Main goal

Stake Together aims to provide ETH staking income in a simple and secure way, highlighting its support for projects, communities, content creators and DAOs.

The protocol focuses on combining financial value generation with significant social impact.


  1. Non-Custodial and Decentralized: The protocol operates in a non-custodial manner, keeping decentralization at the core of its operations. When users deposit ETH, it is transferred to a smart contract and then to validators, ensuring full transparency and security in the process.

  2. Maximum Validator Efficiency: Using DVT operators from SSV.Network, Stake Together maintains attestation efficiency close to 100%. This approach guarantees superior profitability and reliable operations for stakers.

  3. Resilience through DVT Technology: Adopting a robust validation model with distributed geolocation, Stake Together ensures resilience. The presence of multiple operators per validator on different continents provides a guarantee against failures, maintaining stable performance.

  4. Accessibility and Inclusion (Permissionless): Any individual with an Ethereum wallet can participate in staking, democratizing access and enabling the inclusion of a wide range of participants.

  5. Targeted Fee Delegation: Unlike other protocols, Stake Together allows users to direct staking fees to pools of their choice, supporting specific projects without the need for governance processes to allocate funds.

  6. Perpetual Incentives: A portion of the fees collected are reinvested into the protocol, offering ongoing incentives to stakers, projects, communities, content creators, and DAOs, promoting a sustainable cycle of growth and support.

  7. Social Impact: The protocol paves the way to support social causes, allowing participants to contribute to social well-being and drive projects that work to improve the world.

  8. Transparency: All earnings and reward payments are recorded on-chain, offering complete transparency. From the initial deposit of Ether to the distribution of rewards, each transaction is publicly auditable, ensuring maximum trust and integrity of the protocol.

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