Q1 - 2024

Stake Together Smart Contract Update

The Stake Together smart contract will be updated to remove the initial deposit fee implemented since version v1.0.0. This optimization will reduce the gas fee by approximately 60%, enabling more users to stake.

Release of stpETH Incentives

Pool owners will be able to withdraw the rewards generated by staking rewards through a designated interface on the platform. Incentives will be released monthly.

Social Login

Implementing social logins, such as Google, Facebook, and Apple, aims to enable staking for web2 users through account abstraction technology.

Stake Together DVT Operators

The implementation of DVT Stake Together Operators aims to increase the APR of the protocol by redirecting incentives from SSV Operators to protocol users and Stake Together itself.


The implementation of various analytics systems is essential for the growth of the protocol, including dashboards displaying important information.

On/Off Ramp

An on/off ramp aggregator will be introduced, allowing web2 users to purchase with fiat in their local currencies and via credit card from anywhere in the world.

Holesky Test Network Implementation

With the depreciation of the Goerli network, there is a need to implement the new Holesky test network for both user testing and development purposes.

Stable Token wstpETH

The wstpETH token will be implemented on the platform, enabling users to provide liquidity in DeFi protocols. Unlike stpETH, which rebases weekly, wstpETH does not rebase due to its mechanism. This contract is already implemented and audited.

Layer 2

We will implement the second-layer networks:

  • Arbitrum (standard)

  • Optimism

  • Polygon

Using Layer Zero's technology, we will make the wstpETH token accessible on layer security networks, facilitating inexpensive and accessible purchases. Liquidity will be prioritized while the staking system generates revenue on the Ethereum mainnet. The L2 release, combined with On/Off Ramp and Social Login, will simplify staking for all users.

Eigen Layer

Efforts are underway to enable the implementation of LST Restaking within the Stake Together platform, allowing the use of the stpETH token in Eigen Layer smart contracts to increase the protocol's APR.

ThorChain (Cross Staking)

Integration with Thorchain will allow the Stake Together platform to offer multiple staking services from multiple networks such as Polygon, Solana and others.

This expansion will increase the range of products offered by Stake Together and help us gauge the supply and demand for these products with our users. Based on demand, we will proceed with implementing the necessary infrastructure.

For example, if there is demand for Polygon Staking, we can implement it similarly to our Ethereum Network staking, leveraging our existing know-how and validated contracts.

Stake Together Mobile App

With the implementation of the previous items, we will be ready to offer Stake Together products globally, featuring various purchasing and selling options, account and language accessibility, multiple staking products, and liquidity across different chains.

And to make it even more accessible, it is essential that users can do this through a native application, as most have no idea what a PWA mobile application is and usually install these applications through the Play Store or App Store.

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