Pool Structure

Stake Together implements a pool system that serves as the core for organizing and supporting projects, communities, content creators, and DAOs. This pool system allows users to choose where to direct their participation and support.

  1. Pool Selection for Fee Delegation: When staking Ethereum through Stake Together, users need to select a specific pool. Pool selection determines the delegation of fees generated by staking, directing them to the chosen project or entity.

  2. Types of Pools:

    • Pools Listed: These are pools that have visibility on the Stake Together platform. This means they are easily accessible and visible to all users who want to join or support these specific pools. Unlisted

    • Pools: Unlisted pools do not have direct visibility on the platform. These pools can be accessed through specific means, but are not openly displayed in the main user interface.

    • Social Pools: Pools focused on social and community purposes. These pools can offer exclusive incentives and are designed to support social causes or projects with a community impact.

    • Pool Index: They function as aggregators or redirectors of incentives. These pools aim to map and include several other pools, acting as a central point for distributing and redirecting incentives to multiple projects or entities.

Stake Together's pool structure is designed to offer users flexibility and choice, allowing them to target their support and resources effectively

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