Projects and Communities

Vision, Eligibility Criteria and Applications.


Stake Together has created a mechanism where web3 communities, users, validators and the protocol benefit. The idea of ​​the protocol is to allow web3 communities to have staking pools within their platform, and participants in these web3 communities can stake their Ether within these pools, receiving in return Stake Together's liquid staking token, $stpETH.

In this way, communities will have a new model for financing their own members, keeping a small percentage of the bet profits. This while the majority of these profits remain with the user (as in other protocols).

Criteria For Project Selection

Certain criteria are fundamental for the selection of projects that may have a pool within the Stake Together protocol. These criteria are based on our values ​​of transparency, decentralization, security and social impact. The main objective is to ensure that projects and communities are aligned with our business model, enabling associated communities and projects to generate a positive impact using our protocol.

What types of projects are not considered?

Projects publicly classified as pyramid schemes or that within our analysis could be considered a pyramid. New projects that do not present evaluable information, such as business plan, audience size, time of existence (more than 3 months), details about founders/team (fundamental analysis) and unaudited projects.

What are the criteria for removing a project?

Any information that casts doubt on the credibility of the project. Significant absence of activities within a period of 3 months. Number of connected wallets and TVL.

Who will be responsible for evaluating communities?

The assessment will be carried out internally by the Stake Together relationship team, ensuring a careful analysis.

Instructions For Registering Your Project

  1. Click on Register Project

  2. Fill out the form

  3. Wait for our team to get in touch

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