Stake Together protocol offers two distinct withdrawal modes, each suited to different needs and withdrawal amounts:

Pool Withdrawal

Process: When wanting to withdraw Ether (ETH), you deposit stpETH and can withdraw ETH in proportion to your deposit. This type of withdrawal is carried out directly from the Stake Together smart contract.

Characteristics: The operation is instantaneous. Liquidity for this type of withdrawal is limited to up to 32 ETH, which is the amount commonly used to train new validators.

Recommendation: Ideal for smaller withdrawals, where speed and convenience are priorities.

Validator Withdrawal

Process: You deposit stpETH and receive stwETH, indicating the desire to withdraw directly from the Beacon Chain. This process initiates a request through the oracles to release funds from validators, corresponding to stwETH.

Characteristics: stwETH has a 1:1 ratio with ETH. Processing time typically varies from 2 to 4 days, and may be longer depending on the Beacon Chain exit queue. When the ETH is processed, you can exchange it for the stwETH that was sent to the Withdrawals contract.

Recommendation: Ideal for withdrawals of larger amounts, where the immediate liquidity of the Stake Together contract may not be sufficient.

Minimum Withdrawal Period and Security Mechanism

All withdrawals have a minimum period of one day. Any ETH deposit on the Stake Together platform resets this time limit. This mechanism serves as a security measure to protect users by ensuring that all withdrawals are processed with due diligence and care.

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