The Stake Together protocol offers various forms of rewards for staking participants, reflecting the protocol's commitment to efficiency and profitability. Rewards include:

  1. Block Attestation: Rewards earned for validating and confirming the accuracy of proposed blocks on the Ethereum network.

  2. Synchronization Committee: Rewards given to validators who help synchronize new nodes on the network, contributing to the stability and security of the blockchain.

  3. Block Proposal: Rewards given to selected validators for proposing new blocks, a critical function for the continuity of the blockchain.

  4. Maximum Extractable Value (MEV): Gains obtained by optimizing the order of transactions in the proposed blocks, taking advantage of arbitration opportunities and other strategies.

  5. Execution Layer Rewards: Earned by maintaining efficient network operation, processing transactions, and managing smart contracts.

  6. Whistleblowing Rewards: Incentives given for identifying and reporting dishonest or unethical behavior by other validators, promoting network integrity.

  7. Direct Contributions to Contracts: Ether sent to Stake Together contracts is transformed into rewards distributed to stakers, increasing overall earnings.

Use of DVT Validators and High Efficiency

Stake Together protocol uses SSV.Network's Distributed Validation Technology (DVT) validators, which ensures an exceptional level of efficiency and reliability. DVT validators are designed to maintain attestation efficiency close to 100%, which means the Stake Together protocol generally offers higher yields compared to other protocols on the market. This high efficiency translates into:

  • Better Profitability: Due to the near-perfect efficiency in block attestation, Stake Together stakers can expect consistently high profitability.

  • Operational Resilience: With DVT technology, the protocol maintains robust performance even in the face of individual operator failures, ensuring that the staking process continues to function effectively.

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