Stake Together protocol offers two distinct deposit options for users, each with a different purpose and outcome:

  1. Pool Deposit

    • Description: When a user makes a "Pool Deposit", they deposit Ether into a specific project selected within the protocol. This type of deposit is the standard way to participate in staking.

    • Receiving stpETH: In exchange for this deposit, the user receives a corresponding amount of stpETH, which is the token representing staking in the Stake Together protocol. stpETH reflects the user's participation in the pool and allows them to receive rewards commensurate with their investment.

  2. Donation to Pool

    • Description: In the "Pool Donation" option, the user also deposits Ether, but instead of receiving stpETH for themselves, the generated stpETH is allocated directly to the selected pool.

    • Benefit to the Pool: This method is effectively a form of donation, where the user financially supports a project, community, content creator or DAO without receiving stpETH in their own wallet. The selected pool receives the full benefit of this deposit in the form of stpETH, increasing its ability to generate rewards and support its operations or initiatives.

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