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  • Function: Manages the distribution of rewards, storing stpETH tokens intended for distribution through a Merkle tree.

  • Main Method:

    • claim- Allows addresses listed in the Merkle tree to claim stpETH, which is then transferred to their wallets.


  • Function: Centralizes the distribution of rewards and manages withdrawals from the Beacon Chain.

  • Operations: Receives and processes rewards generated by validators and ethers from partial withdrawals. Manages full validator withdrawals and execution layer rewards.

  • Main Methods:

    • submitReport- Used by oracles to send daily reports.

    • executeReport - After consensus approval, executes the distribution operation of rewards and withdrawals from the Beacon Chain.


  • Function: Main contract for managing the Ethereum staking pool, including receiving deposits and processing withdrawals.

  • ERC20 Token: Implements the stpETH token, following the ERC20 standard.

  • Main Methods:

    • depositoPool and donatePool - To make deposits.

    • withdrawPool and withdrawBeacon- To request withdrawals.

    • addValidator- Starts the creation of a new validator on the Beacon Chain when 32 Ethers are accumulated.


  • Function: Allows the conversion of the stpETH token into wstpETH, a stable token compatible with DeFi applications.

  • ERC20 Token: Implements the wstpETH token, following the ERC20 standard.

  • Main Methods:

    • wrap- Converts stpETH to wstpETH.

    • unwrap- Reverts wstpETH to stpETH.


  • Function: Manages validator withdrawals on the Beacon Chain, allowing the conversion of stpETH to stwETH.

  • ERC20 Token: Implements the stwETH token, following the ERC20 standard.

  • Process: When requesting a withdrawal, stwETH is minted in exchange for stpETH. The process of transferring funds from the Beacon Chain to the Withdrawals contract begins.

  • Main Method:

    • withdraw - Allows the stwETH holder to withdraw ETH.

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